Welcome to CVMA Chapter 6



Seems like such a short while ago that the Louisiana Chapter first formed.  A few guys thinking “this sounds like a good idea, let’s run with it”, to where we stand now, almost 300 active members, not including our Auxiliary or Support members. As the Combat Veteran’s Motorcycle Association, we exist for one purpose: to support the veteran who has defended our country and our freedoms.  We share two common bonds, the love of our country and the love of motorcycles.  We combine these two passions in our quest to raise awareness for the needs of the veteran, to make sure that those who have stood for our country need not stand alone.  We want to make sure that the POW/MIA is never forgotten, that there is someone there to say “goodbye” or “welcome home” to those brave soldiers deploying overseas, and that their families are taken care of.


US Defenders


Last year was an awesome year.  We participated in many Veterans’ events throughout the state and again, we were asked to present a wreath during the City of Leesville’s Annual Memorial Day Celebration.  That was a great honor and we were thrilled to do it!  Our members throughout the state were involved in many activities, from supporting our fallen with the Patriot Guard, and escorting units that were returning from deployment.  We were at several National Cemeteries during the “Wreaths Across America” drive, we visited folks in the hospital, organized Poker Runs to help with expenses, supported our brothers with the American Legion, and the VFW’s, and much, much more.  This coming year, we will be doing more of the same.  There are rides coming up that we will be participating in and helping out with here in Louisiana Anything from supporting the Wounded Warrior Project, the City of Refuge, the SW La Veteran’s home, and more, to welcoming our returning heroes from combat, and of course, our Detachment’s All Patriot’s Runs.   In general, if there is something going on that involves veterans, you can bet we will be there.  Our motto is “Vets helping Vets”. We just completed our annual National Meeting in Missouri.   We got to see a lot of new faces, and enjoy fellowship with a lot of our old friends.  If you’ve never been to a National Meeting, it is a great time!  It isn’t too early to start looking forward to next year’s Nationals, scheduled to be held in Milwaukee, WI.  We hope to see you there!


Full Member Patch of the CVMA


Our patch is not just “a cool design”, there is very strong symbolism attached to it:

The Red is in remembrance of the bloodshed of our brothers.

Gold represents the diverse ethnic background of all the armed services.

Black is for the heavy heart for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

And the Skull and Ace of Spades represents the death that war leaves in it’s wake.

So Welcome, take a look around, and if you would like to be a part of this great association,  just click on the membership info link above.

John “Nomad” Millender

Chapter Commander